Cocoa Liquor

Usually, large factories use cocoa beans of various fermentations to produce cocoa products, which are strongly roasted to increase oil extraction. We use only well-fermented cocoa beans and gentle roasting. As a result, our cocoa liquor does not have bitterness and astringency. The particle size in standard cocoa liquor is usually 70 – 150 microns. Our cocoa liquor has a fineness comparable to chocolate – 30 microns.


We get products directly from farmers with whom we have been working for a long time and whom we know. The cocoa beans we sell are from the same farmers.

99% of all cocoa liquor and butter on the market is made from prefabricated, that is, everything is grated for everyone. The uniqueness of our products is that we have complete control over the entire chain of processing of raw materials and the production of the finished product literally from the tree. Our specialists regularly personally visit the plantations during the most critical stages of growing and primary processing of cocoa beans, harvesting, fermentation, and drying.

The final processing of raw materials and the production of finished products is carried out at the factory of our partners, taking into account all our and your comments, wishes, technical requirements.

We have the opportunity to offer you a product of the highest quality, taking into account all your wishes and needs.

Taste and texture: in ordinary cocoa liquor, the dispersity is 70 to 150 microns. It needs to be refined in a melangeur to melt in your mouth, just like chocolate. Our cocoa liquor has a dispersion similar to chocolate, up to 30 microns. It can be immediately poured into bars and used for covering cakes, sweets, and desserts. There is no need for extra work or effort.

Prices are calculated per kg on a minimum of one box (20 kg). 

Payment prior to delivery. 

Free on truck, immediate delivery, custom cleared.

Self-pick up from the warehouse or order the delivery.

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