Venezuela Cuyagua Clarino

Cuyagua village, state Aragua
Ancient antique Criollo
Taste palate
the taste is very mild without bitterness, astringency or viscosity. There is practically no sourness either. A bright, but very noble, deep, rich spectrum of aroma as it unfolds changes from floral and fruity notes to delicate creamy and nutty undertones of lily of the valley and lavender. Very pleasant long lasting aftertaste
F1 in special wooden containers
in the sun on a special parade ground

The Cuyagua village is famous in the elite cocoa market; several subspecies of Ancient Antique Criollo are grown here. Of the five sectors of Cuyagua, where cocoa is grown, we chose the Clarino sector this time. The plantation is located on the banks of a mountain stream where it flows into the Caribbean Sea.

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