Venezuelan Amazon
not determined, samples are not available at the International Cocoa Germplasm Bank
Taste palate
the bright aroma of selvi flowers is superimposed on nutty-creamy notes. Depending on the roasting protocol, notes of wild pineapple and papaya may dominate
in wooden canoes

The Amazonas region is the birthplace of cocoa. An extensive area in the heart of South America, between the Orinoco and Amazon river basins. Unusually fragrant and very soft cocoa from this area is one of the rarest on the market.

It is rightfully considered one of the standards of fino de aroma cocoa. All cocoa from the Amazonas zone is fermented to a very high quality. Drying in the sun on wooden boards made from local wood.

*Cocoa beans are collected and processed by the Guara Indian community in the Amazon Jungle.

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