Chocolate masses

For manufacturers of chocolate, confectionery and bakery products who use cocoa in recipes, we offer chocolate masses.

NB! We pay special attention to the terminology so that we are discussing the same product. Cocoa mass is roasted and grind/milled cocoa beans. This product is also called cocoa liqueur. For production of chocolate or confectionery, cocoa mass must be still processed in a mill or melanger. Particle size/fineness of cocoa mass: 70 -150 microns.
We offer chocolate masses – these are practically chocolate in terms of organoleptic characteristics, only without sugar. Thanks to processing in melangeur for 48 hours, the product has a special mouthfeel: creaminess and balance. Particle size/fineness < 20 microns.

Our chocolate masses is a craft product with a unique flavour and aromatic characteristics. We consistently control the complete technological scheme from collection, fermentation and processing cocoa beans to production of finished chocolate masses.
We use only good fermented aromatic cocoa beans. For each variety, we select a special roasting protocol and do fine grinding in melangeurs.
Chocolate masses have a rich cocoa aroma with special tasting notes characteristic of each region and a degree of dispersion of less than 20 microns. The product contains only natural ingredients. We do not add food additives to improve aroma and taste or for technological purposes.
Our comprehensive range of cocoa beans offers tailor-made solutions for any innovative idea.
We always have in stock ready-made chocolate masses made according to the classic recipe, containing 100% and 70% cocoa from different growing regions.
In creative collaboration with our chocolate makers, you can develop chocolate masses according to an individual recipe and create an original product.


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