Involvement in the community

Journey through cocoa-growing regions

One of our favourite events. We love to host chocolate tastings from our cocoa beans. Unique tastes and vibrant palettes. We are ready to take you on a tour of the countries and regions with multifaceted flavour bouquets of cocoa. Whether it's an individual tasting or a group tasting, there are enough endorphins for everyone.

A cuppa of cocoa

To develop the cocoa market, we like to organize welcoming and warm meetings over a cup of cocoa with interesting people with something to share and discuss. We are always interested in inviting a person passionate about chocolate. Be it a cocoa bean grower, an entrepreneur in the cocoa world, or a bean-to-bar chocolate maker. This event is fantastic for networking, sharing your passion for chocolate, learning something new, meeting new people, finding answers to your questions and helping others.

Upcoming events


EuroBean Chocolate Festival

At this sweet and unique festival, which focuses on handmade chocolate, fair trade and sustainability, visitors not only have the opportunity to taste the finest chocolates, but also to learn everything about their origins and to meet the creators of sweet temptations.


Sweet Days Chocolate Festival

Biggest outdoor chocolate fairs in Europe, with free entry for all. All this in bonbon-loving Budapest. Édes Napok (or Sweet Days) drew a massive crowd last year, who all came for a good reason: Hungarian chocolatiers have been bringing home the most coveted gastronomy prizes for long years, which you can translate roughly as stands packed with amazing chocolate and candy varieties as long as you can see.