Involvement in the community

Journey through cocoa-growing regions

One of our favourite events. We love to host chocolate tastings from our cocoa beans. Unique tastes and vibrant palettes. We are ready to take you on a tour of the countries and regions with multifaceted flavour bouquets of cocoa. Whether it's an individual tasting or a group tasting, there are enough endorphins for everyone.

A cuppa of cocoa

To develop the cocoa market, we like to organize welcoming and warm meetings over a cup of cocoa with interesting people with something to share and discuss. We are always interested in inviting a person passionate about chocolate. Be it a cocoa bean grower, an entrepreneur in the cocoa world, or a bean-to-bar chocolate maker. This event is fantastic for networking, sharing your passion for chocolate, learning something new, meeting new people, finding answers to your questions and helping others.

Upcoming events